Marcus and I partying it up for Jen and Jonathan’s 10th anniversary.

Hey, what did you guys do with your Christmas money? I was going to buy some new work dresses. But instead I got some design work done by campfireandco, ordered some stationery from Ole Timey Press, and had a keychain stamp made by crankypressman. So my correspondence will be looking pretty fresh, but my work colleagues will have to continue seeing the same old dresses every week. And now you know what a splurge looks like for me.

I made this really awesome photoset for your viewing pleasure because my daughter’s daycare is selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts. $8 gets you a certificate good for a dozen glazed HOT, DELICIOUS doughnuts and benefits the daycare, which has been doing great things for the kids of this neighborhood since right after the War of Northern Aggression. Let me know if you want some and you can pay me whenever you feel like it via Venmo, Paypal, cash, check, haikus, drinks, or cats.

Removing eye movement associated with traditional reading methods not only reduces the number of times your eyes move, but also decreases the number of times your eyes pass over words for your brain to understand them. This makes Spritzing extremely efficient, precise, convenient and comfortable.

Omfg? Really excited about Spritz. I can do the 500 wpm one when I relax!  Looking like it’s public debut will be with the release of the Samsung Galaxy s5. 

Their website is here.

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Looks pretty amazing!

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Into it.