BEST time ever. Mind-blowing, crunchy treats…friends everywhere…fantastic conversations. And all in my favorite bar. <3


Last night was so great! Thanks to everyone who made it out— seeing so many friendly faces made my night!


The “Back to School” Tumblr Meetup last night was amazing! Ipanema was the perfect venue- Tumblr users socialized at the bar, got cozy in booths, and relaxed on the patio. Chef Will completely blew our minds with the menu: All of our childhood favorites, gone vegetarian! Treats were served on plastic cafeteria-style trays, in case you thought they didn’t go all out with the theme. Even the bar got into it! Gabe created some specialty drinks for the occasion that ran out due to popularity before the night ended.

Tumblr users ranged from just-moved-into-the-dorms-Freshmen to Richmond veterans with equally varying blog subjects, and it was awesome meeting you! Please tag your photobooth photos with #rvameetup so we can find them!

Huge thank yous to Kendra and the Ipanema Crew, and everyone who came to hang out with us! We’ll see you at the next meetup!

More photos on Ipanema’s tumblr.


Tumblr Meetup Part One.

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    Thank you all for a wonderful evening!
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