Richmond, VA is home to Virginia Commonwealth University and a diverse selection of tasty restaurants that offer delivery and pickup!

What is this witchery?!

'What I enjoy when I'm in Richmond is a lot of the restaurants have a spirit of fun about them,' Kliman says, suggesting that sometimes the other big cities can almost try too hard to capture what Richmond restaurateurs do with easy charm. 'It can be kind of contrived or studied or self-conscious, and I don't see that in a lot of the places I've been in Richmond.'
Todd Kliman, as quoted in Richmond Magazine's article “Are We Ready for Our Close-Up?” by Chris Dovi.


There are many euphemisms to be considered when discussing the painful experience of The Perennial Wait. 

The best things in life take time. 
It’s gonna take time. A whole lot of precious time.
I will be right here waiting for you?
Set it and forget it? 
God bless the broken road that lead me straight to you bread?

For what seems like decades in restaurant time, Sub Rosa has teased us with smatterings of their offerings at the Byrd House Market and out of their top-secret password-protected upstairs mini-bake shop as we patiently awaited for construction on their first-floor bakery to be completed.  

For what, if anything, is soup season without a plushy, porous piece of polenta bread for which to dredge your bowl?

Just when we thought we couldn’t die live bear another day, on a crisp December morning, Sub Rosa quietly opened its doors to joyful cries and barren stomachs as Richmond saw the long-awaited opening of the eat-in bakery and cafe. 

The months of hard labor put in by Church Hill’s favorite breadmongers are apparent from your first foot in the entryway, as the interior feels as warm and hand-crafted as the bread itself. Under the high ceilings sit conversation-sized tables and plenty of seating, inviting patrons to take a moment, rest their weary buns croissants soul, and stop to watch the bread rise.  

I happen to live within a tart’s throw of the bakery, so in answer to your query, yes, it does make me better than you.  Or, at least, my property value, as the air wafting about my humble abode is now sweet enough that I imagine God himself must bottle it up to be sold at the Pearly Gates Co-op every third Thursday.

It’s as if my recent investment in Eu de Bread stock has given God cause to answer my prayers with a trifecta of bakeries, who, at long last, also bring drinkable amazing coffee (Lamplighter via Sub Rosa and Proper Pie, Counter Culture via WPA) to our quality caffeine-depraved Church Hill.

Now if we could only get a decent bagel shop..  

Sub Rosa Bakery
North 25th Street 
Richmond, VA 

Since we’re on a full-fledged bakery binge over here, a bagel shop really would be a nice addition in Pie Hill. My favorite thing so far at Sub Rosa: the seeded braid.