Steven Spielberg talks about RVA in this ‘Lincoln’ DVD featurette. You just might shed a tear of RVA pride after watching it.



Free “Liberty or Death” Reenactments this summer at St. John’s Church!

Starting Memorial Day weekend and running until Labor Day weekend in September, free reenactments of Patrick Henry’s famous speech will be shown every Sunday at 2:00pm. The event itself is free, but donations are encouraged. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis, and reservations may be made for groups of ten or more. 

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

In case you needed more reasons to love Church Hill. We’ve got the whole founding fathers thing on lockdown as well.

Seriously though, if you haven’t seen the reenactment, go. You’re just sitting in the church and these guys in stellar period garb come in and sit amongst you (I think Thomas Nelson was in my row last time I went). It’s not just the Patrick Henry speech, but a whole portion of the Virginia Convention (the meeting at which the speech was delivered). Provides a lot of context that we don’t usually think about when we hear those famous lines and take them for granted.



ERMAHGERD. Look at it.


truebluemeandyou“I Am Who They Were” Necklace by Artist Ashley Gilreath 2011. Reblogging because I am going to make this on a much smaller scale by using  dollhouse frames/bezels and taken apart lockets (I could also make the frames by making a polymer clay mold). I would then print out photos on transparency paper (which I use all the time in my collages). *Another cheap gift idea I’ve done - print out a high contrast black and white photo on transparency paper and use neon green, white, or whatever color you want to back it with.

“I Am Who They Were” Necklace by Artist Ashley Gilreath 2011. Read the history behind this amazing piece and see more photos at Ashley Gilreath here. Ms. Gilreath created this necklace by casting dollhouse frames in silver and bronze and printing family portraits directly onto microscope glass.