This list dates me pretty precisely, as 2/3 of it I basically agree with, and then the other third is stuff that I’ve never heard of.

A+ list of songs.

I *may* have spent one or two (hundred?) nights in my early twenties face-down on my mattress wallowing to these tunes. And let’s have a moment of silence for the normie roommate I once had who had never heard the terms “emo” or “indie” before so she instinctually called it “sad-man music” (and ended up enjoying most of it too). <3



Dead Fame - “My Body, My Fool”

Richmond’s best electro-new wave band, Dead Fame, just released a track called “My Body, My Fool.”  This single will be a part of series of forthcoming singles that the band refers to as The Mask Singles.  The dark, goth, post-rock track is electronic where Bauhaus is lo-fi.  Honestly, this track makes me feel like I’m in a club circa 1984 or perhaps in a cut (party) scene from Donnie Darko.  Expertly engineered by Pedro Aida, the single casts a light theme amidst moody synth and guitars with singer Michael Means’ line, “You make me wanna live” as a mantra.

Dead Fame will be headlining WRIR’s Party for the Rest of Us 8 THIS FRIDAY (2/1) @ The Renaissance (107 W. Broad, #300). Also appearing:

Samson Trinh and The Upper East Side Big Band
Canary Oh Canary
Opening drum ceremony by YoughTaNund

as well as performances by:

Colloquial Orchestra
Richmond Comedy Coalition Presents: Richmond Famous
The Cheats Movement
Secretly Y’all Storytelling
The Listening Room

WRIR’s Party for the Rest of Us 8
Renaissance Ballroom
$10 donation to benefit WRIR



photo by Cassie Knight Photography


poster by Matt Klimas