You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, but I’m relatively certain this phenomenon was directly caused by joestanley, cat, andersn, turner, and Alex moving from Richmond to NY and taking all their deep sadness with them. It may or may not have been exacerbated by the unhappiness they feel about their lack of access to good fried chicken. Sorry NY!




The new Black Day Creative site is complete, IE still sucks, and it’s snowing! Now in the wake of some long hours and days, the site is now live with new work and new tricks. And now there’s even more new stuff coming such as…

I. Do you remember when Brooklyn Vegan and Decibel Magazine…

My friend Ira at Black Day Creative does awesome design work on Tumblr and beyond, and has a lot of cool new stuff going on. Follow him if you like good design, metal, or dudes named Ira. I’m pretty sure everyone falls into at least one of those categories.

This weekend I (and half of Richmond, it seems) went to New York to see Refused. This is the first time I ever managed to keep up with my New York friends in the categories of Walking Really Fast and Not Having to Ask for Directions and Staying Up Until 4am With No Whining. I deserve a medal. It was a whirlwind, and one of my best trips ever!

Eating, drinking, sleeping and hanging out provided by:

Tumblr HQ. Organique. Papacito’s. Daniel and Karen’s apartment. Huckleberry Bar. Walter Foods. Atlas Cafe. Perry Gargano. The High Line. Chelsea Piers. Jason Groupp Studio. Gastro Market. 16 Handles. Foodswings. The Levee. Teddy’s. The General Greene. Talia’s apartment. Moto. The Drink. The Bagel Store. Chop’t. Terminal 5. The Acheron. The Anchored Inn. Azure Grocery. Ace Hotel lobby.

The cherry on top of an already-amazing trip was managing to see Refused again at a secret show in a tiny space in Brooklyn. So many jaded 30-somethings with huge grins on our faces, screaming ‘til we were hoarse.

Special thanks to Daniel, Karen, and Talia for letting me sleep at their places. No thanks to the rain on Sunday night for fully soaking me. More photos here.