You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, but I’m relatively certain this phenomenon was directly caused by joestanley, cat, andersn, turner, and Alex moving from Richmond to NY and taking all their deep sadness with them. It may or may not have been exacerbated by the unhappiness they feel about their lack of access to good fried chicken. Sorry NY!



Must See RVA! (58)


Wickham House
1015 East Clay Street.  1812.
National Register of Historic Places, VDHR No. 127-0020


Built the year Napoleon invaded Russia. Architect unknown, but long thought to be designed by Robert Mills, architect of Monumental Church [HOR].

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This is one of my favorite houses in Richmond, and it blows most other local examples of Federal architecture out of the water. I’d buy it and live in it myself of course, if it weren’t part of the Valentine Richmond History Center. If you haven’t toured it, you’re living a lie and need to rectify that immediately.


It’s Back!


Virginia’s Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is here until Saturday, May 31. Take advantage of savings as you purchase select items to protect you and your family before severe weather knocks on your back door.

This is a nerdy thing to reblog, but I like the idea of finding out about tax holidays via Tumblr. Cell phone chargers are tax exempt this week, guys!