Sure, I work at the internet, but my best friend growing up now gets invited to lecture about dark matter at the Space Telescope Science Institute.  Yeah, she’s a Hubble fellow.  No big deal.

We talked about really complicated stuff, all those lazy afternoons between preschool and high school graduation.  Just kidding.  I’d say that statistically, if you graphed it out, mostly we listened to New Kids On the Block.

While in an MRI machine, the subjects were asked to look at photographs of their ex-partners and think about being rejected.

When they did so, the parts of their brains that manage physical pain—the secondary somatosensory cortex and the dorsal posterior insula, to be exact—lighted up, according to the study.

Christine Dell’Amore, via National Geographic.  (Seriously, this is awesome — not that I needed a study to tell me that rejection is painful.)