Message for David Karp



My name is Kaylum and I’m a student studying multimedia programming and design at Limerick Institute of Technology in Limerick, Ireland. I’m emailing you today because I have a proposition for you that you can’t turn away! Basically I’m offering you advertising space that you have yet to cover, for a fee I’m offering you a chance to forever immortalise your company by getting your logo or design of your chance tattooed to my chest or arm (entire arm if you wish) the difference with this type of advertising is that you won’t be counting on web designers to create premium blog templates. 

Everywhere I go all Tumblr people that see that tattoo will think “Oh I got to go home and reblog that post I am thinking of” in fact by getting your logo or design tattooed to me every time someone sees it, it will be forever reblogged to their cerebellar cortex and forever stuck there. 

Now we all know that you were recently acquired by yahoo but hey I’m not the one to judge, they can get a piece of the action too, we are all friends here and the best part of it all is not only do you get to have your brand forever immortalised on my 112 pound god like body.

But you’ll also be helping a college student pay his fees so he can continue to educate himself and maybe even become your competition someday, everyone loves Karma so you have no excuse not to.

You can contact me by:
Email: kaylum@hikaylum.com

Kaylum Lally *(“,)*

Attn: David
Re: Your investment portfolio