The rain can’t spoil our fun! We had to cancel our original plans for the afternoon, so instead Tumblr RVA (with the lovely Nicole from our NYC office) tried some Miracle Fruit that made limes taste like limeade and vinegar taste like kombucha. Cottage cheese tasted like lumpy cream cheese icing, and those who aren’t big fans of Guiness were converted! Now we’re watching Ferris Bueller while we work.

A good day. I swear we will go on an actual outing soon, though, Tumblr RVA!



VCU Squared and VCU Entrepreneurship Clubs hosted the Entrepreneurship Group at the University of Virginia on a tour of some of RVA’s startups, incubators, and coworking spaces. Sweet video ensues. 

Go ahead. Allow the nasal tones of my voice to envelop you. All self-deprecation aside, we loved having these students visit the office and ask great questions. It’s energizing to be around such passionate young people who seem to have a clear vision for what they want to do. Tumblr <3 VCU!